Broken Record is the 3rd single from the 14th studio album from October.
It will release in a variety of physical formats, as well as digitally, on November 4th.

CD (Matte Digipack / Color Printed CD) $7
  1. Broken Record (Night Edition - Single Version)
  2. Broken Record (Moby Remix)
  3. Broken Record (Purity Ring Remix)
  4. Broken Record (Broods Remix)
  5. Broken Record (MS MR Remix)
  6. Broken Record (ZHU Remix)
  7. Back Roads ft. Banks (SOHN Remix)
  8. Back Roads ft. Banks (BØRNS Remix)
  9. Nightmares
7" (Matte Card Wallet / Clear & Grey Colored Vinyl) $5
A. Broken Record (Day Edition - Piano & Vocals)
B. Nightmares

10" (Matte Card Wallet / Pink Colored Vinyl) $7
A1. Broken Record (Hybrid Edition - Strings & Vocals)
A2. Broken Record (Moby Remix)
B1. Broken Record (Purity Ring Remix)
B2. Broken Record (Broods Remix)

12" (Matte Card Wallet / Yellow Colored Vinyl) $10
A1. Broken Record (Night Edition)
A2. Broken Record (MS MR Remix)
A3. Broken Record (ZHU Remix)
B1. Back Roads ft. Banks (SOHN Remix)
B2. Back Roads ft. Banks (BØRNS Remix)

Cassette (Cardboard Shell / Clear Prison Tape) $6
A1. Broken Record (Night Edition - Single Version)
A2. Broken Record (Moby Remix)
A3. Broken Record (Purity Ring Remix)
B1. Broken Record (Broods Remix)
B2. Broken Record (MS MR Remix)
B3. Broken Record (ZHU Remix)

Digital EP
  1. Broken Record (Night Edition - Single Version)
  2. Broken Record (Moby Remix)
  3. Broken Record (Purity Ring Remix)
  4. Broken Record (Broods Remix)
  5. Broken Record (MS MR Remix)
Gravity is available now.


Butterfly Update 01

Good evening, Butterflies! I hope you are all well. It's been a little while since I've wrote to you all. I would like to start off by saying I am extremely grateful for all of the love for my latest album Gravity you have all expressed this past month. You guys always know how to lift a girl up to the sky and for that, I thank you. On Gravity, I wrote a lot about what I'm thinking in my head, not so much about the situations around me. I almost felt self-absorbed when I was thinking of what the album's theme should be, but I know that you all would want me to be open with you and open the door of my mind for you to all come inside. With the album release, I knew I wanted to accomplish a couple of things. Firstly, I wanted to have a simple design with simple formats. Though the 3-edition idea may slightly detract from that idea, I believe the simple CD/vinyl release would suffice. I also came up with the Personal Edition, a small box set for each edition including the album on CD, a Blu-Ray disc of audio and the documentary, a signed 7" lithograph, and a high quality download lanyard. Unfortunately, the product definitely did not meet demand as they were sold out in only a few hours. I thought it would be nice to have something personal and rare but I have realized that my fan-base, you guys, are large in number and a lot of you missed out on something special. That is why I am deciding to release Gravity: World Edition. Releasing in December, Gravity: World Edition will bring all 3 editions together in a way not done before. It will be a reflective release on the entire Gravity era, as the era will end when the year is over. You guys know me, I never want to harp too much on something I cherish. We are in the moment of Gravity, and I hope no one takes it for granted.

This year has definitely been a reflective year for me. I feel like my 13th and 14th albums, both released this year, have summarized not only who I am as a person, but who I am as an artist. I have had so many terrific moments this year, especially on The History World Tour. Seeing you all come together to support me, have fun with me and celebrate music with me filled my life with joy. That's a big reason I decided to go on tour again this year with The Elephants. This is the first time I'm doing two tours in one year. That's how much I love you guys. Last Holiday, in preparation of the release of History, I re-released all of my studio albums on Special Edition 2-CD sets and cassette tapes. This Holiday, I am planning on releasing something a LOT of you have been begging for. Each single I have released feels like hundreds of different fish released in the ocean. Some turn out to be sharks, and some turn out to be jellyfish. Nevertheless, each are extremely important to the catalog I have developed. I will be releasing The Aquarium next month, a complete singles collection. The Aquarium will be releasing as a CD box set, 7" picture disc box set, standalone CD and 12" vinyl release, and digital collection. I am very proud of each single I have released and the artist I have grown to be, and I'm excited to share this reflective release with you.

To close this wonderful update out, I would like to premiere the video for "Queen of Hearts", directed by Jesse Kanda. "Queen of Hearts" is the 2nd of five videos Jesse directed for the Gravity album. Thanks for reading! Love you always. x O